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Allan Edwards Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Don’t Do Repairs Without It

ultrasonic testing

What Is UT?

Although uncommon, flaws can occur during the manufacturing of steel. Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a nondestructive test that is performed on base steel material to detect potential flaws and laminations. This inspection is important because it detects small defects in steel that may not be visible to the naked eye. Though invisible, these flaws can cause issues down the line once a repair sleeve is installed. UT uses high-frequency soundwaves to scan the steel, detecting both internal and external flaws with unparalleled accuracy. Upon inspection, any steel that does not exceed rigorous ASTM standards is rejected.
How Does It Work?
Allan Edwards utilizes Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) technology. This method of inspection is even more accurate at finding flaws in manufactured materials than conventional UT. The ultrasonic beam assembly in a phased array probe uses sixty-four individual beams, rather than a single beam like conventional UT. These beams can be focused and swept electronically without moving the probe. As a result, this form of flaw detection is ten times more accurate than conventional UT. This means we can detect more flaws, smaller flaws, and inspire confidence that the steel used to manufacture our sleeves is of the highest possible quality.

Our 7-Step UT Process

Key Benefits of Allan Edwards UT

1. Detects Flaws Invisible to the Naked Eye
  • The primary reason UT is used is to catch laminations that are not visible during a cursory visual inspection. Our UT machine catches flaws both on the surface of steel as well as internally with unparalleled accuracy.

2. 10x the Accuracy
  • Our assembly contains 64 individual beams that can be swept through a range of refracted angles. These angles can also be programmed to an interference pattern of time delays to focus the sound wave at a specific depth inside the element. In short, this greatly increases the probability of flaw detection.

3. Provides Peace of Mind & Full Transparency
  • Our UT process provides you with even greater assurance that the repair sleeves you use are manufactured from the highest-quality steel product.
4. A Custom Report Prepared for You
  • All data we gather is 100% available to you. A full UT report is automatically provided with every sleeve order placed.

Download Our UT White Paper

David Futch of ADV Integrity and Josh Wilson of Allan Edwards break down the benefits of Ultrasonic Testing of steel repair sleeves, how it benefits pipeline operators and wider implications to industry.

Why Should It Matter To You?

To answer that question, you must consider this one: How much is quality worth to you?

Regulatory challenges are becoming more stringent than ever as public perceptions of the oil and gas industry become increasingly critical. As the stakes continue to rise, so must our own standards. Consider PHMSA’s Mega Rule, which has imposed new and significant regulations on over 400,000 miles of gas gathering lines. These previously unregulated lines now need highly reliable repair solutions. Because of this, we recognize the importance of diving deeper to safeguard our customers’ future repairs. UT inspection is not a requirement for steel sleeve manufacturing, and most pipeline operators do not require it. However, its numerous benefits make it a worthwhile investment. We know the stakes are high in this life-sustaining industry. That’s why 100% of Allan Edwards steel undergoes 100% UT inspection. Not because we had to – because we wanted to.