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Safety Clam Pipe Protection Tool

Your go-to solution to safeguard essential pipeline assets.

Safety Clam Pipe Protection Tool image

A Safeguard Against Linestrikes

It’s common sense that putting a protective barrier over a valuable asset decreases the likelihood of damage. So why not put a temporary case around your pipeline when engaging in sensitive excavation work?

Line strikes & third-party damage to pipelines are prolific problems that negatively impact the pipeline industry every day, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary damages annually. We’ve made it a priority to offer a solution to address this significant issue: The Safety Clam pipe protection tool. 

So, What Does the Safety Clam Pipe Protection Tool Actually Do?

Allan Edwards Safety Clam pipe protection technology insulates pipelines against potential line strikes during excavation. The tool provides a much-needed temporary barrier during foreign line crossings when multiple lines interact in the same ditch. True to its name, the Safety Clam tool’s protective casing snaps shut over temporarily exposed areas, much like a clam snaps shut over a valuable pearl. Its durable steel shell is equipped with a strong, interior polyurethane lining that protects the outer pipe coating from damage.

Using the Safety Clam tool is easy: simply lower the tool into the ditch and snap the casing shut over any vulnerable pipe section before and while sensitive work is performed. Once the work is complete, the Safety Clam tool is easily removed prior to backfilling.

Safety Clam™ Pipe Protection Tool
Safety Clam Pipe Protection Tool image

The Story Behind the Safety Clam Pipe Protection Tool

During a routine visit with one of our customers, our sales rep noticed something that caught his eye sitting in a corner of the customer’s office. Upon asking, the customer informed our rep that his team had recently experienced several issues with line strikes that had resulted in expensive cut outs. The product sitting in the corner had previously been used as a kind of polyurethane “snap-on” casing that protected exposed lines from strikes during excavation. The issue: the poly casing was now defective, and the customer could not find another like it. He tasked our rep with finding him another suitable casing that could be placed over a pipeline as a kind of protective barrier.

After researching the company that produced this casing, our rep discovered that it was no longer in business. Rather than dropping the issue, Allan Edwards decided to develop a custom offering that would fully encircle and protect an exposed line using materials with which we had extensive experience: steel repair sleeves. The concept culminated in the development of Safety Clam pipe protection tool. Not only did the tool act as a protective barrier once placed over a pipeline, it came equipped with an interior polyurethane lining that prevented the tool itself from scraping or damaging the pipeline. Specialized rigging allowed it to be easily lowered into the ditch and set over the pipeline. Today, this custom tool continues to be used by the same customer who originally requisitioned our sales rep to find a product to combat his line strike issue.

Safety Clam Pipe Protection Tool image
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Safety Clam Pipe Protection Tool image

Safety Clam Pipe Protection Tool

Features & Advantages

  • Provides temporary line strike prevention & damage protection
  • Steel shell with interior polyurethane lining
  • Protects exposed lines during excavation
  • Safe lifting mechanism for installation, removal & transport
  • Customizable to multiple pipe diameters
  • Provides multiple & foreign line crossing protection in same ditch