Integrity & Repair

OmegaWrap® Composite Repair System

Wrapped With Certainty.

Pipeline operators need immediate, critical repairs without the burden of service interruption. The ASME PCC-2 certified OmegaWrap® composite repair system strengthens and reinforces the integrity of the pipe wall without interrupting flow, repairing a multitude of defects and accommodating up to 80% wall loss. Available in e-glass or carbon fiber variants, this system delivers the repair solution you need without the added risk of heavy machinery, welding or specialized tools.

Safe. Efficient. Effective.

The OmegaWrap repair system is designed to provide additional reinforcement to the pipe in the “hoop” direction. We offer two system variations: The OmegaWrap EG system utilizes an e-glass fabric, while the OmegaWrap C system includes a stiffer, carbon fabric.

Why It’s Different: Repair Solutions that Move With You

Our composite repair products are backed by rigorous testing and prompted by legitimate customer need. Most importantly, we fit our products to your problem, not the other way around. No forced fits or temporary fixes. We strive to offer solutions that meet our customers where they are, and we commit to adjusting quickly when needs change. 

OmegaWrap System Types:
  • OmegaWrap EG system (E-glass system)
  • OmegaWrap C system (Carbon fiber system)
What makes up the OmegaWrap system?
  • E-glass/Carbon fabric component
  • Epoxy saturating resin acts as polymer “matrix”
  • Load transfer material fills voids where wall loss has occurred
Comparing the OmegaWrap EG & C systems:
  • E-Glass System: Covers wide range of anomalies. Contains half the stiffness of the carbon system.
  • Carbon System: Twice as stiff as the E-glass system. Best suited to corrosion defects that require maximum rigidity in the system
OmegaWrap® Composite Repair System
OmegaWrap Composite Repair System logo

OmegaWrap® Composite Repair System

Features & Advantages

  • No shutdown or service interruption
  • Adaptable to any pipe diameter
  • Quick installation eliminates downtime
  • No hot work or welding required
  • Conforms to pipe irregularities & ovalities
  • No specialized equipment required
  • ASME PCC-2 certified
  • Backfill time of 12 hours or until Barcol hardness of 55 is achieved
  • Can be applied in dry or damp conditions
  • No VOCs