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Buoyancy Control & Pipe Supports

Geotextile Pipeline Weights

Pipeline buoyancy control is the lifeblood our company. Since Allan Edwards Sr. invented and patented the concrete bolt-on weight in 1950, we have grown and leveraged our expertise to build a thriving buoyancy control product line. This resulted in the development of the geotextile pipeline weight, a next-generation pipeline buoyancy offering.

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What is a Geotextile Pipeline Weight?

Geotextile pipeline weights provide negative buoyancy to pipelines. Because pipelines are hollow, they naturally tend to be positively buoyant and can float in wet or marshy areas if no counteracting force is present. Geotextile pipeline weights are placed on top of pipelines to stabilize and safeguard them in wetland areas.

Geotextile Pipeline Weights: What You Need To Know

Geotextile pipeline weights utilize proven polypropylene fabric that is resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew and insects. The fabric is non-biodegradable and has a pH range between 2-13, making it among the most stable polymers available today. Its impressive longevity underground guarantees a long-term solution that operators can “set and forget” for much-needed peace of mind. Additionally, the permeability of the woven polypropylene fabric used to manufacture the geotextile pipeline weight does not impede cathodic protection.

Allan Edwards Geotextile Pipeline Weights

Geotextile pipeline weights are available for every pipe diameter between 4-48 inches, and Allan Edwards can ship geotextile pipeline weights at any time to your project location. 

Our Commitment to You

Allan Edwards buoyancy offerings like the geotextile pipeline weight are fully tailored to the needs and preferences of our customers. Simply tell us how you want it done, and we’ll take it from there. We root ourselves in a commitment to offer flexible, efficient pipeline weighting solutions for our customers – because at the end of the day, our success wholly depends on how well we respond to these needs.

geotextile pipeline weights image
geotextile pipeline weights
ECOBAG Geotextile Weights image

Geotextile Pipeline Weight

Features & Advantages

  • Strong, woven polypropylene material will not harm pipe coating

  • Customizable to multiple pipe diameters

  • Cathodic protection not restricted

  • Freestanding after filling

  • No spreader bars required to lift filled geotextile pipeline weights

  • Easy to place on pipe

  • Heavy hoppers not needed, making filling process safer

  • Minimum 4X safety factor