Case Study

After-Hours, Bulk Orders, and a Commitment to Partnership

Written by Allan “Chip” Edwards, President, Allan Edwards, Inc.

Something that often frames customer discussions at Allan Edwards is the philosophy of being a partner, not a provider. The basic gist of that idea being the team doesn’t want to be just another materials provider that accepts orders and ships products. The aim is to always go above and beyond in every instance. The execution of that philosophy can come in many different forms, be it custom manufacturing, engineered solutions to complex problems, or simply picking up the phone during off-hours and getting to work when customers need help.

An Opportunity to Shine

One such opportunity to make good on that brand promise came recently on a job that involved a large quantity order of SOFT-SET™ Pipe Supports. A subcontractor contacted Allan Edwards in need of more than 1,000 pipe supports for a job that involved finishing an already started project using SOFT-SET™ Pipe Supports as bottom padding for a 30-36” pipeline in Pennsylvania. At the time, the order was treated just like any other. The operator communicated their needs to their sales rep who worked with internal Allan Edwards staff to ensure the necessary number of pipe supports were available and ready to ship. Although this was a larger order than average, the team is no stranger to delivering large orders under a tight turnaround.

SOFT-SET™ Pipe Supports

Strategic Placement

But, as anyone who has worked in this industry for any amount of time may know, things can change. Quickly. After the delivery of the initial order of 1,680 pipe supports, the operator realized the scope of the project had grown substantially and they only had half of the supports they would need to finish the project. So, at 10 p.m. local time on a Tuesday night, an Allan Edwards outside sales rep received a call explaining the situation and included the lofty ask of providing another 1,680 SOFT-SET™ Pipe Supports delivered ASAP. Following a bit of after-hours back-and-forth between the sales team and an early morning spent preparing and processing the order, the team at Allan Edwards was able to make good on the commitment to being a partner, not a provider.

By leveraging the stock and location of the West Virginia warehouse, the team was able to quickly process and prepare the order for shipping. The customer was ready and waiting to load the supports as soon as they were ready to be released. This allowed for the order to be onsite and ready to be filled by noon the following day, fewer than 12 hours after the late-night call, giving the operator everything they needed to continue the project.

Commitment to a Brand Promise

Allan Edwards takes its commitment to partnership seriously. We’ve never been interested in being just a provider and we look for every opportunity to prove it. Utilizing the strategic placement and stock of our satellite warehouses is just one way that our team can ensure that customers have the product they need on a timeline that matches the urgency of the project. If you’re in need of a partner in your risk mitigation strategy, we would love to hear where you need support and brainstorm how we can help! Visit our website to learn more about our products, facilities, or to start building a new partnership.