Case Study

A Tight Squeeze for a Type B Fabricated Repair Sleeve


A Time-Sensitive Issue

Extreme spacing restrictions added complexity to a fabricated repair sleeve installation on an above-ground pipeline situated over coastal waters in Florida. Allan Edwards received a call about an 8-inch line equipped with an existing leak repair clamp that had developed both a leak and localized corrosion over time. The leaking area needed to be fully enclosed by a Type B steel repair sleeve, but the pipe had very little clearance on all four sides. With 8-inch piping on either side of the pipe to be repaired, a small pipe running above it and beams situated below it, a custom-fabricated sleeve needed to be manufactured to fit within the constricted repair area. Because the leaking pipe was also located directly over (and leaking into) a water source, significant pressure was being applied to operator by the U.S. Coast Guard to expedite the repair. This pressure meant that lead time was a critical issue. The operator reached out to Allan Edwards for a swift solution.

Springing Into Action

Upon receiving the call, Josh Wilson, engineer at Allan Edwards, immediately set to work gathering all necessary measurements & specifications of the piping system. He then created a 3D model of a custom-fabricated steel repair sleeve that would fit into the tight space. Extra care had to be taken to accommodate the rather bulky leak repair clamp, as the entire section required full encapsulation. To ensure a proper fit, the sleeve needed to be offset slightly from the centerline of the pipe. This offset sleeve ID ensured the sleeve would cover the bulky leak repair clamp, while the reduced bottom ID would allow the sleeve to fit over the beams obstructing the underside of the pipe.

An Expedited Solution

The sleeve was designed, manufactured, and shipped by Allan Edwards as quickly as possible. Once installed on the piping system, this unusual sleeve configuration enabled the operator to continue operations without shutting down the line – an activity that would have compromised both throughput and productivity. Despite a tricky fit, the Allan Edwards team took on the challenge, designing & engineering this a one-of-a-kind fabricated sleeve – saving the operator time, money & hassle.