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About Us

From 1947 to Now

Allan Edwards, Inc. began serving the oil and gas industry in 1947, during the booming post-war era that followed Word War II. Throughout our robust 75-year history, we have rooted ourselves in a timeless principle: putting our customers first, wherever that takes us. Our portfolio of buoyancy and repair solutions empowers us to help our customers optimize their pipeline operations and maintenance.

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Legacy Offerings

The Products That Built Us

As a new company growing in a bustling post-war economy, the family-owned and operated Allan Edwards business recognized exploding demand for the safe transportation of oil and gas. With countless miles of new pipeline under construction, we fulfilled a unique industry need when we invented and patented the first concrete river weight.

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Flagship Offerings: Over 70 Years of Experience in Concrete Weights

Shortly after the company’s inception, our founder, Allan Edwards, Sr., made an important realization. During an ongoing steel shortage that disrupted production of the cast-iron river weights routinely used at the time, Allan Sr. speculated that river weights pre-cast from concrete would serve as a faster, and cheaper, alternative. Once we secured the patent for our industry-first concrete bolt-on weight in 1950, the rest was history.

Despite multiple new products and technological advancements over the years, we never forget the products that this company was built on.

Bolt-on Weights

As our first offering, we hold this product close to heart. Bolt-on concrete river weights were designed to secure and stabilize a pipeline in flowing water and unstable bottom conditions. We furnished our weights with either standard black machine or optional galvanized bolts and washers.

Set-on Weights

Our Set-On concrete river weights were designed primarily for wetland applications like those encountered in flood plains or at river crossings. Weights were balanced so that the majority of weight was distributed to the legs, below the center line of the pipe, thus providing a more secure fit

Company Timeline

Today, Allan Edwards proudly supplies almost every major pipeline company in North America and many more worldwide. Decades-long relationships with the majority of our customers have enriched our business and enabled our growth. We remain a family-owned and operated business in our fourth generation.

What’s changed? The last few years have been both busy and innovative. In 2021, we released our new OmegaWrap® EG (e-glass) and C (carbon) composite repair systems, along with the patent pending induction-heated Compression Sleeve. These products complement our existing line of steel repair sleeves.

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Corporate Headquarters

Allan Edwards headquarters are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the city where we got our start. Our office building and fab shop sit side by side, facilitating the kind of cohesive work environment that allows us to rub shoulders the way a family-run company should.

As of April 2019, Allan Edwards has relocated to a new location within Tulsa. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities will serve to enhance our efficiency to better serve our customers.

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Safety First

Allan Edwards is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the general public. We strive to safeguard the environment within every community we operate by conducting ourselves with integrity in all that we do. We facilitate a safe work environment for all Allan Edwards employees, contractors and supply vendors by quickly identifying hazards at the workplace and taking swift steps to minimize or eliminate them. Our culture encourages all employees and partners to communicate any observations that mitigate potential risks or un-safe practices. We are in this together.