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ECOBAG - Geotextile Pipe Weights


Allan Edwards is the leader in pipeline buoyancy control. Our latest family of pipeline weight products is The ECOBAG - Geotextile Pipeline Weight it is extremely easy to handle, offers the highest safety rating, best and strongest craftsmanship, highest quality materials and unique design/geometry that make today's best value for pipeline contractors.


ECOBAG Soft Weights utilize proven polypropylene fabric that is resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew, and insects and is non-biodegradable. Polypropylene is stable with a pH range of 2 - 13 making it one of the most stable polymers available today. Polypropylene is the material of choice for geotextiles, especially relating to longevity underground. The permeability of the woven polypropylene fabric used to manufacture the ECOBAG does not impede cathodic protection making it the clear advantage.


With custom ECOBAG Geotextile Weights for every pipe size from 4" pipe to 48" pipe, Allan Edwards can ship "ready to install" ECOBAGs at any time to your project location as needed. For large volume project(s) where you want to save on transportation charges, contact us about custom filling at or near your site or right-of-way. The filling of ECOBAGs can be done at far remote locations as well.


Allan Edwards flexibility in serving the pipeline industry promotes our over-all commitment to serve in the most cost effective way that benefits our clients' needs to be efficient in both install and handling of this next generation pipeline weight.


Some of the Advantages of the ECOBAG include:


Ecobag Advantages

  • Super strong woven polypropylene material
  • Cathodic protection is not restricted
  • Geotextile material will not harm pipe coating
  • Free standing after filling
  • No spreader bars required to lift the filled ECOBAG
  • Easy to place on pipe
  • Hooks can be removed from top of ditch
  • No special hoppers needed (Safer)
  • Ease of filling in remote locations

Call Allan Edwards today, as our team is standing by to answer any questions you might have on the ECOBAG*.


*Patent #8262320 U.S.


*Patent #8360688 U.S.


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