Four Generations of Excellence


Concrete Pipeline Coatings


Allan Edwards has been providing concrete pipeline coating products and services since 1964. We are the recognized leader in concrete pipeline coating.


Designed to do a Tough Job

With specially designed and crafted forms, Allan Edwards provides the exact concrete coating thickness in one monolithic pour. The result is dense, vibrated concrete weighing in at a minimum of 143 lbs./cu.ft. with a smooth coating that's easy to launch and lay. All the strength you need to hold pipe in its place in water crossings.


Reinforced with Heavy Gauge Wire

All pipe coated by Allan Edwards is reinforced with heavy gauge wire located in the center of the jacket. Edwards' concrete coated pipe provides a minimum compressive strength of 3000 pounds per square inch or higher. That's extra strength to hold the pipe in place at river crossings, flood plains, swamps and other open water crossings. Concrete thickness ranging from 1" to 12". Pipe sizes 2" through 72".


Determine Net Buoyancy

Before specifying concrete coated pipe thickness, it's necessary to determine Net Buoyancy for your specific application. Bed conditions in which pipe will lay can effect net buoyancy by as much as fifty to one hundred percent. Always obtain a local soil sample before making any calculations.


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