Four Generations of Excellence


Bolt-On Concrete Pipeline Weights


These superior Bolt-On weights were developed by America's first manufacturer of concrete river weights, Allan Edwards, Inc. As industry leaders, we put several decades of experience and integrity into each product we manufacture. When you order river weights, specify the original, from the people who set the standard. Sizes ranging from 2" through large size diameter pipe.


Designed for Rough Service


These engineered Bolt-On weights are designed primarily for flowing water and unstable bottom conditions. Weights are furnished complete with either standard black machine or optional galvanized bolts and washers. Use Allan Edwards Bolt-On Concrete River Weights as a positive method of securing and holding a pipeline in place. In the diagram of the Bolt-On Weight, notice the reinforcement which gives Bolt-On Weights additional structural integrity. Each weight has a minimum compressive strength of 3000 psi at 28 days. Actual dimensions are available upon request.


New or Old Construction

These concrete river weights are readily installed with no special tools on new or old submerged lines, and are easily removed if necessary. Tapered ends make a push or pull section easier to maneuver for a smoother installation.


Convenient On-Site Manufacture

Our experience shows that it can be more economical to manufacture weights on the job site, when quantities warrant it. Usually, smaller tonnage orders can be manufactured at our plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma and shipped to your location in the field. When tonnage prohibits shipping, we provide the expertise and personnel necessary to manufacture these weights on location.


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