Four Generations of Excellence


Allan Edwards History


In the post World War II years, the American domestic energy industry was in a state of transition. Oil sold for $2 a barrel. At the wellhead, natural gas -- considered more of a nuisance than a source of energy -- was simply flared off into the night sky.


For the first time American oil companies began exploring for reserves overseas and they found elephant-size fields in such exotic places as Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. While domestic exploration wasn't brisk, pipelines were being built and refineries were begin upgraded to meet the demand from growing number of automobiles, along with industry, which was suddenly thrown from wartime to peacetime production.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a youthful, energetic entrepreneur decided the time was right to start a new venture -- a firm to provide specialized sales with personalized service to meet the needs of American's oil industry. For several years, Allan J. Edwards, Sr. had served as general sales manager of a petroleum engineering firm. His travels throughout the oil patch, seeing downstream conditions first hand, only confirmed there was demand for a fast, dependable supplier of valves, pumps and safety equipment for refineries.


Not long after establishing his new enterprise, Edwards learned of a specific problem in the pipeline industry. Engineers noted that when crossing rivers and streams it was difficult keeping the pipeline rigid. It was a problem of too much buoyancy.


The fledgling Allan Edwards Company designed and fabricated cast iron river weights and began marketing them. While the venture was an initial success, the U.S. steel industry, still reeling from the demands of defense a few years earlier, couldn't meet the needs of the late-1940's marketplace. Another solution was called for.


In less than three years after its founding, the Allan Edwards Company became an industry pioneer with the design and manufacture of the world's first concrete river weight. Fifty years later, Allan Edwards is the industry's largest and most experienced supplier of concrete river weights.


In 1950, the founder's son was promoted into management and based on the foundation laid by his father, Allan J. Edwards, Jr. established the highest ethical standards for the company -- a benchmark within the industry that is recognized to this day. Over the years, he developed the firm's fire safety equipment line into a main portion of the business and as the decade closed, he devoted tremendous energy into securing a larger market for the river weight, pipe coating and repair sleeve business. Today, many styles of weights and sleeves are offered to customers around the world.


Under the direction of the family's third generation, Allan J. Edwards, III, the company has prospered by excelling in saving customers money by meeting emergency crisis anytime, anywhere. Allan Edwards serves a variety of customers, sometimes in creative ways. Over the years the firm has developed the technology and expertise to manufacture river weights and pipeline coatings on site, offering the customer considerable savings in freight costs.


For over 60 years Allan Edwards has offered the same dedication to quality and high ethical standards. For the fourth generation of Edwards family, the values established in 1947 will lead the company into the next century -- maintaining the customer's trust and confidence by offering honest, superior service and quality products and at a competitive price.


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